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International Taxes

International Taxation

Expert CPA Firm Specializing In Expat And International Taxation

You could be sitting in New York, USA, and be working with a company in Tokyo, Japan. That’s the most significant benefit of globalization. There are multiple other benefits of globalization, but it also brings several tax complications along with it.

Every country has its own set of tax laws and regulations. Expats, both individuals and companies need to be aware of international tax regulations to ensure compliance with international tax laws while avoiding penalties or overpayments.

At Sigma, we help you successfully plan, file, and record your tax return and take the burden of international taxes off your plate. Our international taxation experts have experience dealing with international taxmen in a number of different countries, including Mexico, the United States, India, China, the United Kingdom, Canada, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East.

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International Taxation

Expats Living and Working Abroad

Our experts handle and file taxes for US citizens and Green Card Holders living or working in a foreign country. We ensure you follow all tax laws and comply with all regulations, so you aren’t charged any unexpected penalties when you return to the US.

fatca compliance

FATCA Compliance

Foreign Account Tax Compliance or FATCA, as it’s commonly referred to, is a regulation formed in 2014 dealing with failures of disclosing tax-relevant information about people and legal entities. We at Sigma organize and audit all your foreign financial accounts and assets, ensuring your businesses’ compliance with the IRS and other taxation rules.

form 5471

Controlled Foreign Corporations – Form 5471

If you possess ownership or control in a foreign corporation, you must file Form 5471. We at Sigma Accountants make filing Form 5471 easy by thoroughly assisting you in the process and ensuring compliance. Relax, we’re here to ensure that you comply with all the tax laws and regulations.

Tax Implications of Foreign Mutual Funds

Tax Implications of Foreign Mutual Funds

As an individual that owns foreign mutual funds, you may be paying taxes in both the country of origin of the fund and the US. We at Sigma elucidate the whole situation and provide you the clarity you deserve by taking care of all the necessary paperwork relating to your foreign mutual fund investments.

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