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Personal Taxes

Personal Accounting Firm

Leading Personal Accounting Firm In Columbia Maryland

Personal finances are tricky. If you don’t manage your finances well, you may end up paying more than you owe. Allow us at Sigma to help you.

At Sigma, we offer a range of personal accounting services to individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesspersons based on their individual needs and lifestyle. Our personal accounting services are designed to help individuals organize their finances, structure their expenses, and manage financial documents.

Do These Statements Sound Like Yours? Relax, We’re Here To Assist.

  • I’m Paying Too Much To The IRS, How Can I Save More?
  • I Earn Well But Save Very Little, What Can I Do?
  • I Don’t Think I’ll Be Able To Retire, How Can I Save More?

We have a new approach to taxes. It begins with Tax Strategy, continues with Tax Planning, and rolls into Tax Preparation.

We’ve got your back!.

A Unique Approach Towards Taxation – The Sigma Way

Most common Americans don’t understand the difference between tax strategy, tax planning, and tax preparation. Please give us an opportunity to educate you.

Individual Tax Strategy

Individual Tax Strategy

In the tax strategy meeting, we assess and evaluate your current position, your ambitions, and more. We use our proprietary systems to claim any opportunity to minimize your tax obligation and help you formulate a winning strategy that adheres to the current federal and state tax laws.

Small Business Tax Strategy

Individual Tax Planning

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Are you just wishing or actively working towards achieving your goal? We help you track your progress, forecast, project your liabilities, and prepare for any surprises with your tax obligations.We plan your taxes to ensure you don’t pay a penny more than what you owe.

Small Business Tax Planning

Individual Tax Preparation

You don’t need to scramble for information at the last moment anymore. We’re here to help you prepare your federal and state taxes in a timely and thoughtful way. Throughout the tax season, we support you and ensure that you file your taxes on time and claim all deductions that fit your profile.

No One Likes Paying Taxes – Why Pay More Than Your Fair Share?

Allow Us To Take The Load Of Accounting And Taxation Off Of Your Shoulders.

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Why Choose Financial Accounting & Tax Services From Sigma?

Our experts at Sigma help you make sense of your finances, income, and expenses in an easy to understand way. Let us take the stress away and allow us to manage your finances for you. Please take a look at what all is included with our personal accounting and taxation service.

Our personal accounting services include:

  • Management and recording of personal financial transactions
  • Management and Resolution of cash flow
  • Management of individual tax preparation
  • Preparation of accurate tax documents after claiming deductions
  • Organization of financial records and information
  • Assistance with Tax filing