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41 business health check questions you must ask

4 business health check questions you must ask

1. Can you pay all of your debts on time?

If your business consistently cannot pay its debts on time, there could be a serious issue with cash flow. An accountant can analyze your statements and identify choke points for your cash flow, allowing you to re-organise and free up money to pay down debt. You may even need weekly cash flow forecasts to manage money in the short-term.

2. What’s your break-even point?

If you don’t know your break-even point, you don’t know the minimum amount of revenue required to stay afloat. Your break-even point determines the minimum sales you need to make a profit. To find this, you need to know your fixed and variable costs, the practice collections, and margins at the very least. If you can’t identify what you need to find the break-even point, you need an accountant to determine this for you and find strategies to meet and exceed it.

3. How does your cash flow look for the coming year?

Cash flow forecasts are critical for business budgeting – without them, you won’t know the true nature of your business’ performance. For example, you might have a lot of cash in the bank, but this is not your profit. You need to know this to project sustainable growth and whether your business can even keep operating. This means: taking last year’s sales figures

and adjusting for the current climate and next 12 months; incorporating investments, loans, rebates, and fees; determining expenses for the coming year; and factoring in one-off costs like equipment purchases.

If you can’t put this together, don’t leave your forecasting to chance – use an accountant to get a clear picture of whether your business will make money in the next 12 months.

4. Is your business performing according to forecast?

If you don’t go back and compare your cash flow and profit & loss forecasts to actual progress every month or quarter, you’re failing to improve your standing. This comparison lets you see where your business is not meeting expectations, when money is coming in, and where your finances stagnate.

With this comparison, you can implement specific marketing initiatives, or remove goods from production entirely. If you don’t know how to compare forecasts with actual performance, you’re going to need a professional accountant.

Talk to Sigma Accountants today about how to keep your business going during bad times and to prosper during good times. Time is of the essence!

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A Systematic Approach To Generational Wealth Creation

The idea of creating generational wealth can seem overwhelming, and achieving generations-spanning wealth for any family is no small feat. Fortunately, there are many strategies that can help break this process down into manageable chunks.

One such strategy is creating intergenerational wealth over time using a systematic approach to grow your dental practice using innovative and unconventional techniques. Creating a stable financial future for generations to come begins with setting achievable goals and understanding the value of intelligent investments and diversification.

If you’re a dentist or dental practice owner who needs help with building your financial legacy then read this article for valuable advice on building a long-term wealth system.

Our goal in this article is to provide an overview of the strategies you can use to create wealth for generations to come and discuss how to do so. Our blog will cover three key pillars: building a stable foundation, growing income, and usable cash, and creating long-term wealth.

Building A Stable Foundation

Financial planning is an integral part of every person’s life, regardless of age, income level, or family size. You can achieve your long-term and short-term goals by establishing a financial plan. Never wait too long to think about how to make the most of your money and manage it responsibly.

Setting clear financial goals, creating a business budget, and building good financial habits have many benefits. Some of these are –

  1. Ensures you make informed financial decisions by prioritizing your spending
  2. Enhances your financial security and stability
  3. Enhances the value of your business
  4. Contributes to your long-term financial goals, such as saving for retirement or buying a home
  5. Makes it easier to identify and reduce unnecessary expenditures
  6. Helps you manage and plan for unexpected financial events or emergencies
  7. Enables you to take control of your finances
  8. Helps you achieve your financial goals more quickly.

The key to success in business is having a proper structure. A well-designed, well-organized business foundation will help you succeed in the long run. The framework not only clarifies roles and responsibilities but also ensures efficient operations.

You can build a stable foundation with the help of a qualified dental CPA like Sigma. Our team helps dentists, like you, build a stable foundation for your business and personal finances while developing a financial strategy tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Growing Your Income And Usable Cash

The best way to increase your income and usable cash is to make good financial decisions that will help you keep more of it in your pocket.

Creating a budget is the first step in tracking your spending and ensuring that it matches your income. By doing so, you will be able to identify areas in which you need to reduce spending or find additional income sources to suplement your expenses. Furthermore, tracking investments, savings, and other monetary activities can provide better insight into where funds are being spent and how they could be better utilized.

You can also look into increasing your income by optimizing your dental practice. An alternative way to increase your revenue is by getting specialized education and equipment for your practice or by spending on marketing and advertising.

Once you’ve successfully increased your income, the next step is to look into reducing your expenses. As they say, a penny saved is a penny earned. By increasing your income and lowering your costs, you’ll have more cash in hand, which you can deploy into investments or put aside into a savings account for rainy days.

You can also increase your income and cash flow without spending extra time or effort by investing in assets that generate passive income. Stocks, bonds, real estate, mutual funds, and other financial products provide passive income, which does not require active management. In addition to being low risk and offering some tax benefits, passive income often provides tax advantages as well.

If you want to learn more about alternative and passive investment options or learn more about growing your practice, then having an experienced dental accountant by your side is a good idea. Speak to Jigna, our principal CPA at Sigma, to learn more about how our dental practice accounting services can help you in growing your income.

Creating Long-Term Wealth

As a business owner, you’re also an investor. In order to succeed as an investor, you must have a long-term focus and diversify your investments. When you invest for the long-term, you won’t be subject to the fluctuations of short-term investing and can focus instead on making sustained profits over time.

There are various asset classes, like stocks, bonds, real estate, equipment, personnel, etc. that you can invest in. We recommend regularly reviewing your investment and adjust according to your current business needs and requirements.

A financial advisor that specializes in helping dentists and dental practices is a must if you want to create long-term wealth from your business. Please speak to our expert dental accountant today to understand what strategies would be best suitable for your dental practice.


Creating generational wealth is difficult, but it is not impossible. By following a systematic method of accumulating wealth, you can ensure the financial stability of your family for generations to come.

The creation and management of generational wealth cannot be taken for granted. Getting started requires a clear, comprehensive plan and attention to detail every step of the way. Sigma takes you through every step, giving you the best chance of succeeding.

Invest in the life you have always dreamed of by speaking with our expert team of dental financial consultants in Maryland.

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