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Specialised Dental Accountant

Does A Dentist Need A Specialised Dental Accountant?

Several years ago, a friend of mine told me this story. There was a small but thriving dental practice owner in the tri-state area who lost $350,000 over the course of 24 months. Surely you wonder why he lost the money? The simple answer – Employee theft. Their trusted administrative assistant was quietly embezzling money out of business and into their own pockets. So, how did you come to know about this? By meeting a professional dental accountant. The local CPA they had hired was unable to spot this nefarious activity because they didn’t specialize in dental accounting and didn’t consider the possibility that the funds were being misappropriated. What can we learn from this story? The need for specialized dental practice accounting. That’s correct. So to answer your question, Yes, a dentist does indeed need a specialized dental accountant.

The Need For A Dedicated CPA For Dentists

There are a fair number of reasons why a dentist needs a professional dental CPA. They can help you cut costs and grow your revenue with the help of financial housekeeping. The job of a dental account is not just keeping track of your books or maintaining your accounts but also ensuring that you avail of all the schemes and programs run by the government to help small businesses. They also monitor that you’re always compliant with the policies. Tax preparation and optimization is another vital task of any professional dental CPA. Several experienced CPAs in Columbia, Maryland, provide virtual CFO services aimed at helping dentists scale their practice with the help of budgeting, forecasting, planning, and strategic implementation of financial decisions. For ambitious dentists looking to expand and scale their dental practices, the guidance and mentorship of a virtual CFO are invaluable.

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Dental Accountant

Many small business owners and dentists tend to overlook some crucial elements when selecting a professional dental accountant for their business which can end up costing them a lot in the long run. Here are some factors you should consider when hiring an experienced dental CPA for your dentistry practice.

1. Range Of Services

There are CPAs who are generalists, and then there are CPAs who specialize in serving a particular segment of the industry. During your next meeting with your CPA, ask them about their range of services and how any additional services that they recommend may have an impact on your revenue. If your CPA offers only a few services, then it may be time to switch. Call our expert dental accountants today to schedule a free consultation.

Common Dental CPA Services Include –

  • Payroll Services
  • Compliance Assistance
  • Corporate And Personal Tax Management
  • Helping With Fundraising
  • Financial Advice And Planning
  • Strategic Mentorship And Guidance

2. Level Of Experience And Expertise In The Dental Accounting Field

CPAs serve a vast array of customers and clients across industries which is why you must look at the level of experience and expertise they bring to the table when looking for your next dental CPA. An experienced dental accountant will help you optimize your tax position, claim necessary deductions, avail specific governmental programs, and save money. Dental accountants can often act as the jack of all trades and help you achieve your business goals quickly while ensuring accounting compliance.

3. Communication And Transparency

Accounting is a complex field, and many dental accountants don’t transparently disclose their activities and strategies. An accountant who isn’t openly communicating, guiding, and mentoring you may not be a good fit for your business. Therefore, it’s vital to look at the level of transparency and the quality of communication they offer.

4. Value For Money

Businesses function on two essential components, revenues, and costs. The value you derive from incurring the cost of hiring a professional dental CPA should be more than the cost itself for it to be a valuable investment. Choosing the best option doesn’t mean choosing the cheapest one. It would help if you weighed the benefits of your investment with the costs. We at Sigma offer packages built for small dental practices to help them grow with ease. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings.

5. Clarity And Transparency Of Fee

For you to plan your dental expenses effectively, dental bookkeeping and accounting costs must be transparent and clear. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises down the line, do you? Ensure that the dental accountant you hire offers transparent pricing and is open to discussing all the costs involved in hiring them upfront before signing you on as a client.

6. Ability to Answer Complex Questions

You depend on your dental account for all kinds of things that have to do with your money and finances. Would you want to work with someone who isn’t able to answer complex questions you may have from time to time? No, you wouldn’t. As someone who has a background in accounting, you’d expect your dental CPA to answer any type of money-related question you may have openly and transparently.

The best people to work with are those who can always provide you with the correct answers whenever you have a question. They can only do that if they have a firm grasp of what they must do and what dental practices need from their accountants. So, there we have it! We hope you understand why we believe that dentists need specialized dental accountants. Do you need help finding a good dental CPA? Not anymore! Get in touch with the best dental accountant in Maryland today and schedule a consultation.

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7 Reasons A Dentist Should Hire A Professional Bookkeeper

Dental practices require extensive accounting and bookkeeping to keep the practice running smoothly. Many dentists ignore accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping for their dental practice until the end moment, which often results in chaos during the filing season. You may think, why do I need a professional bookkeeper when I can have my spouse, assistant, or a friend do it? Well, this blog will answer your question and many others. So let’s begin

What Do Dental Accountants And Bookkeepers Do?

The job of a professional bookkeeper may look simple, but it is often a lot more complex than it seems. A dental bookkeeper requires proper knowledge and understanding of the law, the tax code, and various accounting standards. A bookkeeper usually handles all the financial transitions for any dentists or medical practitioners, records your purchases, sales and expenses, develops systems, and much more. Experienced bookkeepers like the team at Sigma also helps dental practices get a holistic snapshot and overview of their businesses’ finances, projected growth forecasts, and more. The value of data and information that you get access to by working with a professional dental bookkeeper is immeasurable, which is why we always recommend small businesses hire an experienced dental bookkeeper.

Top Reasons Why You Need A Professional Accountant For Dental Office Bookkeeping?

A novice may get the job done, but would they do it well? The answer to that can only be found when you hire a professional dental CPA for your dental practice.

Reason 1 – You Can Focus On Your Core Competency

You chose the noble profession of helping your patients get better. Why not focus on doing that while allowing professionals to help you manage your businesses’ finances? A professional dental bookkeeper will enable you to focus on your core competency by taking over all the hassles of dental taxation, bookkeeping, accounting, auditing, and more.

Reason 2 – You Are Always Aware Of Any Potential Cash Flow Issues

Running a small dental business or a medical practice is hectic. Some invoices or dues may slip your mind, which can end up putting you in a sticky situation. A professional dental bookkeeper is tasked with keeping track of all your income and expenses and can inform you of any potential cash flow problems they may predict coming and even make necessary provisions for it.

Reason 3 – The Tax Season Isn’t Chaotic Anymore For You

A professional virtual bookkeeper for dentists works with your accountant and tax consultant to ensure that all your tax liabilities are cared for while ensuring that you don’t pay a dime more than you owe. The taxes saved will far outweigh the costs of hiring a professional bookkeeper for your dental practice. A bookkeeper will also provide you with a year-end financial statement which will help you plan the following year for your small business and prepare for any expansions based on your growth and forecasts. Would you like to hire an experienced team for dental bookkeeping service at an affordable price? Look no further! Sigma is here to help you. Get in touch with one of our expert medical and dental CPAs today.

Reason 4 – You’re Always Prepared For An Audit

It is natural to apply for grants, loans, and programs offered by the government in the current environment. In the unfortunate scenario that your small business or dental practice is audited by the IRS or state, having up-to-date records of transitions will help you navigate the complex maze of compliances. We at Sigma expect to see an uptick in the number of audits conducted by the government agencies for small businesses that have availed Covid-19 schemes and benefits. Is your dental practice prepared for an audit? Contact our CPA for dentists in Maryland to ensure your books are maintained to the tee, so you’re always prepared for an audit.

Reason 5 – You Can Secure Additional Funding And Finances Through Loans With Ease

If you’re ambitious and looking to expand your dental practice, having your books in place is vital. Investors and creditors such as banks often require detailed financial records, forecasts, analysis reports, and more which can be a chore. A professional dental bookkeeper ensures all your documents are updated at all times, which makes it extremely easy for you to secure funding. If you’re a veteran and plan on retiring anytime soon, accurate financial records make it easy for you to sell your business when the time comes. Is it time to start planning your retirement? Get in touch with one of our expert dental CPAs from Maryland today!

Reason 6 – Improved Work-life Balance

Spending all your time working on your business means missing out on the finer things in life. Hiring a professional dental bookkeeper helps you free up your time to spend time with your family and friends while your business works for you and not the other way around.

Reason 7 – You Ensure Everything Is Paid On Time

Dentists always pay their debts! And paying them on time ensures that you don’t end up paying hefty fines or interests. A bookkeeper ensures bills are always paid on time to keep you debt-free.

We hope by now you understand the importance of hiring a dental bookkeeper for your dental business. These reasons make the benefits of hiring a professional CPA for dentist and dental accountant for your small business or dental practice abundantly clear. If you’re looking for the best dental accountants and dental CPA in the United States, then you can pause your search. You’ve found them! Contact our team of professionals at Sigma today to schedule a meeting with one of our expert dental CPA to learn how we can help you get top-notch accounting and bookkeeping services while keeping your costs on the down-low

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Not Every Dental Firm Hires The Right Dental Accountant

Not every dental firm hires the right dental accountant. And if you hire the wrong accountant, not only will they make a mess of your finances -­ they’ll cause your business to literally bleed cash!

But how do you know when you have the wrong Dental CPA on your team? What red flags do you look for in an accountant that should make you run in the opposite direction?


What do you look for in the RIGHT Dental accountant?

1 -They Don’t Understand Your Business

Not all businesses are created equal, and the accounting methods and practices that work for one company will fall flat with another. A skilled Dental CPA will design specialized reports that they can use just as you use a patient’s radiographs for evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment planning.

The Dental CPA analyzes such questions as:

  • How is the financial health of your practice?
  • What can you do now to minimize taxes next April?
  • Is the office using “best practices” based on the CPA’s knowledge of other successful offices?
  • Is the dentist working smart or just working hard to generate revenue?
  • Is the production appropriate for the number of personnel?
  • Is it time to add another dentist?

2 – They Do The Bare Minimum… And That’s About It

Some dental accountants want to get the job done with quickly and will cut corners, others just want to do the bare minimum.

When you hire a dental accountant that only does the bare minimum, you’re losing out on an opportunity to both save and make money -­ which will hurt your company’s profitability in the long run.

Part of the value of hiring a dental CPA is the expertise they bring to the table in finding innovative ways to save your business money. The right dental accounting firm can help you find grants and government funding that can decrease the amount of money you need to spend in order to conduct your business activities. They should also be able to find creative dental tax relief options that put more money back into your pocket come tax season.

3 – They Can’t Explain Your Financials In A Way That Makes Sense To You

As a dentalpreneur, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in your practice -­ including your financials. And it’s your accountant’s job to explain your financials and break them down in a way that makes sense to you -­ free of confusing statistics or impossible-­to-­understand financial jargon.

If your accountant gives you the run around whenever you ask about your finances and can’t explain the state of your financial affairs in a way that makes sense, chances are they’re draining your money.

If your dental accounting firm talks circles around financial issues and can’t explain the current financial state of your business, it’s time to find a new accountant.

4 – They Don’t Know The Meaning Of The Word “Organized”

With so many things to manage -­ like managing the books, filing your dental taxes, generating financial reports, and looking for money-­saving opportunities for your business -­ you need to work with a professional dental CPA who’s on point, organized, and doesn’t allow anything to go unnoticed. Because if your dental accountant is disorganized, you WILL lose money. When you work with a disorganized accountant, things can and do fall through the cracks. Important tax documents will be filed late (or not at all). Reports will be inaccurate. Your books will be balanced incorrectly.

All of which costs you money. If you want to protect your money -­ and your dental business -­ you need to work with a specialist dental accountants at the top of their game. The kind of accountant so organized, the thought of a single number out of place keeps them up at night!

Ask your accountant the systems they use to stay on top of their clients’ finances. An organized accountant will have highly structured systems for ensuring their client work is managed properly.

Is Your Current Accountant Bleeding Your Money? Don’t Worry Sigma Accountants Is Here To Help

Sigma Accountants is a full-­service Dental CPA firm that specializes in dental accounting, taxation, and financial services for dental practices. We offer the highest level of dental CPA services to our clients to take the stress out of financial management with dental accounting services tailored to your specific needs. Our job is to make managing your dental finances as easy and simple as possible while offering creative solutions to put money in your pocket -­ not drain it. When you work with us, you don’t have to worry about all those money-­murdering mistakes that bleed money from your business. Our dental accounting firm offer: • Financial reports that are easy to understand -­ even if finances aren’t your strong point (and if you don’t understand them, we’ll work with you until you do) • A firm that’s dedicated to understanding your business -­ and overcoming the unique financial challenges your business faces in today’s market We will work tirelessly to offer you the financial solutions you need to elevate your dental business and sleep easy at night, knowing the financials of your business are in the best possible hands. Ready to stop working with dental CPA Firm that bleed your money and partner with the best team in the business? Get in touch with Sigma Accountants today for a no-­obligation consultation and learn more about how we can help take your dental business to the next level.

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