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Virtual CFO Services

CFO Services For Small Business

CFO Services For Small Business Help Entrepreneurs Scale Their Venture Quickly

Forward-thinking small business owners understand the importance of reliable reporting based on accurate data. Are you leveraging data to make sound business decisions? Allow us to help.

A CFO’s goal is to increase the value of equity and help provide good returns to the business. A virtual CFO‘s objectives are similar but with additional duties of reporting, forecasting, and managing the accounting processes.

Our mission at Sigma is to empower entrepreneurs by providing high levels of visibility into their business operations. We deliver essential insights and advice to our partners, which allows them to take swift actions. We become part of your team and help you accelerate growth.

Our experts are available whenever you need them, at extra charges, we promise. We are here to enable you to reach your personal and professional goals with ease and speed.

Our Virtual CFOs Are Highly Qualified

  • Licensed CPA
  • Experience In Public Accounting
  • Experience In Corporate And Government Accounting
  • Masters Degree In Business Management
  • Quickbooks Proadvisor Certification
  • Certified LivePlan Expert Adviser

Drive Your Business Through The Roof With Sigma + Liveplan

We become a part of your upper management team and provide reliable financial guidance to help you navigate the complex maze of compliance and taxes when you enlist our outsourced CFO services. Our monthly meetings allow us to review your present financial results & reports, prepare forecasts, develop strategies, and optimize the accounting processes based on current and accurate data and information.

Strengthen Your Business And Allow It To Grow Faster With Sigma + Liveplan

Our LivePlan growth programs at Sigma help you identify what goals need to be achieved and how to achieve them quickly. We create a roadmap based on inputs from you and your team to render a clear picture of your current standing and your future prospects. This service is ideal for forward-thinking business owners who want to achieve better results and scale their business to new heights.

Liveplan Method

Insights And Deliverables For Strategic Accelerated Growth

Our outsourced CFO services are customized to meet your unique needs and requirements. Your remote CFO will suggest several different strategies and tactics to make your business operations more profitable based on your unique business goals.

You need accurate data and expert advice to make smart and profitable financial decisions. Our remote CFOs prepare and analyze your plans and align them with your short and long-term goals.

Small businesses often lack clarity. This chaotic confusion is usually caused because they don’t prepare and analyze the right reports. Your remote CFO develops customized financial statements based on specific  KPIs that impact your business and help you see what’s working and what’s not.

Your outsourced CFO works with you to identify the management’s pain points and address them adequately. Your CFO also reviews financial reports and KPIs, and compares them to industry benchmarks  Benchmarks are industry averages on key financial metrics. They allow you see how your business performs against other businesses like yours

Cash flow is the key to accelerate future growth. Your virtual CFO will help you strategize spending, develop projections, and optimize financial systems to ensure a cash flow crisis never blindsides your business.

Allow your remote CFO to take away the stress and uncertainty out of debt planning. Our expers help you put togerth a well-defined plan for paying off debt as fast as possible. If raising capital, our experts can create a full lender-ready business plan designed specifically for helping you secure important funds for your business. We have helped raise millions for our esteemed clients..

Are You Ready To Skyrocket Your Business Growth?

Get Your Accounting Processes, Financial Reports, Payroll Processing, And Tax Preparation Under Control. Our Experienced CPA Accountants Provide You Exactly What You Need And Nothing That You Don’t.

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