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Business Advisory and Virtual CFO Packages

Every day is a new opportunity to get ahead of your competition. If you run a business with a team of more than five full-time employees and want to accelerate your businesses’ growth, these packages are exactly what you need. We ensure that you always make the right decisions that help you grow your business with the help of accurate and up-to-date financial data and reports. Our virtual CFOs help you increase your equity value while creating essential financial reports, forecasts and streamlining your business processes.  

Best Financial Partner Small Businesses

Do numbers give you headaches? We’re here to help you relax and take the burden of reporting off of your shoulders. Allow us to uncomplicate finances and accounting for your small business.

  • I’m Frustrated With Managing My Numbers
  • I Can’t Deal With My Current Bookkeeper Anymore
  • I have Cash Flow Issues
  • I Can’t Understand My Financial Reports
Virtual CFO Packages

Allow us to provide you financial support and advice you can always count on! we are here to help advise you in running your business more efficiently and profitably

Accelerate Your Your Business’ Growth Reliable Advisory Services

Do you feel like you’re working extremely hard and putting in too many hours, but your business isn’t growing fast enough? Are you making enough money for the amount of effort you’re putting in? Worry not. You’re not alone. Sustaining a business is hard. For a majority of small business owners, it may also be lonely. What’s the solution? Strategy and advisory. Our advisory services include a range of services and deliverables ranging from financial reporting to planning, from strategy to business management, and much more. One of our LivePlan growth programs will suit your needs perfectly, no matter what type of business you own. We work with you to create a roadmap that gives you a clear picture of building the business you always dreamt of having.

Services That Get You Better And Faster Results

Let’s take a look at some key activities we will undertake to help your business

  • Produce up-to-date business management information to help you understand your current situation.
  • Analyze financial trends to help you make better business decisions and improve your profits.
  • Conduct regular review meetings with resources you can call upon for business advice
  • Help you to set and achieve business and personal goals. Your small business is a part of your life, so the goals between them are intertwined

Every package has a certain level of setup, planning, and feedback involved. The amount of information gathering, strategic planning, reporting, feedback, and coaching increases with every package level. Please take a look at our standardized packages.

Reliable Business Advisory and Virtual CFO Packages

Our Business Insights package is primarily focused on reporting. The plan offers just the basics yet enough to give you all the critical information about your businesses’ regular performance. This package is a great place to start and get helpful advice and insights. This package provides you with access to real-time data on your business in a format that makes it easy for business owners to understand. The Business Insights package also includes upfront goal setting, which means you’ll have measurable targets and benchmarks to track your performance against. This package includes:

  • Goal setting
  • Business health check
  • Financial KPIs
  • Strategic planning session
  • Lean Business Plan
  • One-year sales forecast
  • Business overview (plus web page and PowerPoint output)

Our most popular package, the growth optimizer package adds planning and forecasting to our standard business insights, so you always have a fixed set of business goals to track. We at Sigma believe that planning leads to growth, and the ability to observe plan-versus-actual financial data on a regular basis helps entrepreneurs and business owners make smart business decisions. In this package, you get valuable insights and reports to help you manage your business along with complete support to help you understand your numbers, so you always make the best decisions and achieve your goals. This package includes:

  • Everything in the Business Insights package, plus the following
  • Three-year financial plan
  • Monthly reporting package
  • Financial scenario forecasts (Up to 2)

The peak performance package is the absolute best option for ambitious growth-minded business owners who wish to work closely with accounting and finance professionals. This package is a complete management package that brings you monthly reviews and business management support. You will receive one-on-one business coaching, as well as comprehensive financial forecasting that will help you make long term strategic decisions. Signing up for this package means that you’ve hired your very own CFO that works remotely. This package includes:

  • Everything in the Business Growth package, plus the following:
  • Financial scenario forecasts (Up to 5)
  • Monthly advisory meeting
  • Plan updates
  • Business coaching and advise

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