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Dental CPA & Dental Practice Accountants

At Sigma Accountants, Columbia Maryland Dental CPA firm, we alleviate your financial pain points by providing dental accounting and dental tax services that make managing your money easy. Our CPA for dentists in Maryland specializes in dental bookkeeping and dental practice accounting. We understand the difficulties medical industry professionals, and dentists, face every day, and to alleviate those problems, we’ve created dental practice accounting and financial solutions that help you relax. Contact us, Dental accountants firm in Maryland, today. Our team of expert CPAs for dentists at our dental CPA firm in Maryland is always up-to-date with new rules and regulations implemented in the dental industry, which gives us a unique advantage over other Columbia dental CPAs. Our vast experience working with general practitioners, specialized dental practitioners, and sole practitioners in the medical industry positions us to help you in your practice uniquely. Personal support and exceptional service is our promise. Whether your dental business is new or established, small, you’ll always receive the best from our dental accountant specialising in medical and dental CPA services, which is loved and known by local business owners.

Dental Practice Accounting

We have excellent dental practice accountants who provide not only accurate accounting but also visuals and reports, all to help you manage your practice efficiently and effectively.

Dental Tax Planning & Preparation

Financial planning for dentists is easy with Sigama Accountants, our Detal CPAs provide comprehensive tax services for dentists to reach their long-term financial goals.

Dental Bookkeeping

We provide dental practices with accurate and effective Dental bookkeeping services to help you make real-time decisions that accelerate growth.

Dental CFO Service

Sigma Accountants is a Maryland CPA firm for dentists providing outsourced CFO and controllership services to dental practices

Do you want to Pay Less Tax, Scale your Dental Business, Supercharge Your Wealth?

We help your business breath...

There are several reasons for dental business failure and many businesses simply don’t have the right information to make the right decisions. We give your business a financial system with clear dental financial reports and a sounding board to make the right decisions!

We shape your best retirement...

You and your family deserve a comprehensive real time business services that allows you the information to make informed real time financial decisions to shape the financial future you want!

We protect your family’s generational wealth...

We provide dental tax planning advice and strategies and structures you can use to maximize the wealth of you and your family by limiting your tax in future years!


Jigna M. Patel CPA MBA CGMA

Testimonials -See WHY Our Clients Are So Happy

Sigma Accountants have been a tremendous asset to my business. They are knowledgeable, thorough, and most importantly available at all times when time sensitive questions need to be answered. I am happy that I have entrusted them as my CPA team and recommend them highly for all your financial needs.


Sigma Accountants has been taking care of our business for 7+ years now, and Jigna has always been responsive, professional, and goes above and beyond to take care of us and keep us informed of changing rules/policies that affect our business. We highly recommend Sigma Accountants to our friends, family and business associates, and look forward to doing business with Jigna for years to come!


Sigma Accountants is absolutely amazing to work with. Jigna is responsive, professional, and above all always available when you need her. I have been with her since the start of my business and can’t imagine using anyone else.


I have known and worked with Jigna for over 10 years and can confidently recommend her for outstanding and efficient accounting and tax planning skills and her dedication and proactive approach she presents to her clients.


I am so grateful for the professionalism , knowledge and utmost patience Ms Jigna has with me for all my tax return needs … especially considering the Covid crisis we all have endured with our businesses and personal lives !… i have been recommending her to all my dental colleagues , family and friends from now on ! If Ms Jigna can tackle all my tax needs with such confidence and grace then she can do anyones easily 🙂

Dr Bhavna Mistry

CPA for Dentists: Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Virtual CFO Services

to Grow Your Dental Business

Save Money, Grow Profits, and Make Wise Financial Decisions with Specialized Dental Accounting

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Leverage the Power of Financial Data to Fuel Growth for Your Dental Business

Our mission as accountant for dentists is to help dentists to establish a clear set of areas for excellence in the dental business and personal life.

You created your Dentist business to grow it into a successful enterprise, not to spend time with accounting work you don’t enjoy. Stop wasting time and eliminate the headaches of managing your books and finances on top of running your dental business.

Receive accurate financial information and customized dental CPA services that will help you make wise decisions to grow your dental business and profits.

We can develop a customized package of dental practice accounting services for you!

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Get Your Financial Checkup

  • Your generalist CPA doesn’t give you the time and attention your dental practice deserves because they are too busy preparing taxes all year
  • You are frustrated because you believe that you are paying too much in taxes
  • You cannot make sense of accounting mumbo jumbo and don’t know how your dental practice is performing
  • You are too and need help with making key business decisions to grow your practice
  • You feel overwhelmed by taxes, accounting and personal finances
  • You ask yourself “There has to be a better way to run your business?”

If you can relate to one (or more) dentist, we should talk ASAP:

We know that accounting practices for dentists are unique and we understand the challenges.

“My financial life is out of control, I have high debt that is not decreasing, and I feel like I am working for my debtors, the banks, the mortgage company, and the student loan guys.”

“I am not making enough money from my practice. If I am, I don’t see that because I don’t have time to find out all my income and expenses and make sense of accounting mumbo jumbo.”

“Uncle Sam takes more money from me every year, I’m frustrated because the more I make the more the IRS takes. I feel like I should stop working to increase my income at all, because they end up taking it any way!”

“I have always worked hard. However it appears that I will be doing the same for the rest of my life, as I have not been able to set aside much for my retirement”

A general dentist can do root canals, but an endodontist is highly recommended for more difficult procedures. In much the same way, a specialized Certified Public Accountant is needed for your practice.

Transform your profits. Make more money. Free up time.

As a dental practice owner, you should be able to practice without fear of financial ruin or tax surprises. You work hard every day. Your family and your staff depends on you.


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Management accounting focuses on the measurement, analysis and reporting of information that can help managers in making decisions to fulfil the goals of an organization. In management accounting, internal measures and reports are based on cost-benefit analysis, and are not required to follow the generally accepted accounting principle

Yes! A dentist needs a specialized dental accountants as they offer a variety of services and bring years of experience working in the industry to the table along with their expertise in the field of dental accounting. A dental accountant by your side is a must if you wish to grow your business.

A dental accountants in Maryland offers a whole host of benefits to growth-minded dentists. Some of these reasons include:

  • Always being prepared for the tax season.
  • Always being aware of your cash flow and any upcoming troubles
  • Never stressing about an audit
  • Ensuring everything is paid on time These reasons and many more are precisely why you need a professional dental office bookkeeper in Maryland.

Yes, they absolutely do. The job of a dental accountant doesn’t end with maintaining your books or keeping track of your accounts. They help you avail all the government-provided benefits and grants to ensure you take home what you deserve. So speak to your local dental CPA today.

There are various factors you should consider before you finalize a dental accountants in Maryland for your business. 1. Do they specialize in accounting for your industry or business? 2. Do they offer a range of services or just a few services? 3. What is their level of experience and expertise? 4. Is their fee structure transparent and clear to understand? 5. Can they answer complex financial questions you may have from time to time?

Your dental accountants in Maryland may be leaving a lot of money on the table. Here are a few things you should consider if you think your accountants for dentists isn’t doing enough. 1. Are they going beyond the call of duty or doing just the bare minimum? 2. Do they understand your business and industry? 3. Can they explain the financial standing of your practice to your kids or a child with ease? 4. Are they offering all the reports you need or just some generic ones? Consider changing your accountants for dentists if you think you’re bleeding money. Talk to us today.

A software can help you reduce a lot of accounting and bookkeeping workload, but it can’t replace a real Dental CPA in Maryland due to its nature. There are various reasons why a real dental CPA is better than a software. Some of them are – 1. A human understands business 2. A human dental accountant has real-world experience 3. A human accountant builds your business around your needs 4. A human has empathy.

As a business owner, your plate is full of duties and responsibilities. A specialized dental CPA helps you free up your time and reduce the burden of administering your business by providing you with appropriate dental accounting services which help you grow your business.

You can find an excellent dental CPA for your dental practice in Maryland in 5 simple steps.

  • Step 1 – Clearly define and outline your requirements
  • Step 2 – Look for the best option according to your requirements
  • Step 3 – Check prices and compare costs
  • Step 4 – Understand how they will help you
  • Step 5 – Make the switch

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